Finance Professional Recruiter

CFO Connect Bangladesh, the largest network of finance professionals in Bangladesh, provides specialized recruitment services in finance. We are dedicated to providing your organization with Accounting and Finance professionals well-matched to your unique business needs and workplace environment.

As our service reciepient, your organization will benefit from our relationships with leading professional organizations and gain access even broader pool of skilled professionals.

We thoroughly pre-evaluate, interview and check selected references for our candidates, we present only the finest prospects to your organization. CFO Connect Bangladesh provides the latest research regarding hiring trends, in-demand jobs, where talent shortage exist, and how to find and retain skilled professionals.

Our specialities in recruitment of following major positions:

Chief Financial Officer
Director/ VP Finance
Head of Finance & Accounts
Chief Accountant
GM - Finance & Accounts
Head of Treasury
GM / Head of Taxation
Company Secretary
GM - Cost, Budget & Reporting
Manager - Finance & Accounts
Manager - Business Planning, Budgeting & Reporting
Manager - Treasury


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